QuakeShake FAQs

If you have a question, hopefully you will find the answer in our FAQs.  If not you can always send us an email.

How much of the price I pay will go to the appeal?

RoboCrank will receive around 70c for each app downloaded.  That full amount will be donated by RoboCrank.

What if I want to donate more?

That’s no problem, simply go to the Red Cross appeal site here and donate directly.

Which appeal will the money go to?

RoboCrank will donate the money it collects to the Christchurch Earthquake Red Cross Appeal.

What happens if I want to help the Cantabs but do not want to buy QuakeShake?

That’s no problem, simply go to the Red Cross appeal site here.

How do I know that this is not just another online scam?

RoboCrank is a small and new company and therefore it does not have market place credibility right now.  We suggest that if you are uncomfortable with buying QuakeShake that you donate to the Red Cross directly by visiting the Red Cross appeal site here.

Is the QuakeShake scaled?

The QuakeShake is a fun app and has no scientific basis and so it does not show any scale at all.  Calculating the size of an earthquake requires a lot of sensor data is not something that a shaking iPhone can calculate.

[For those interested in the technical detail the scale is actually +/- 1g, where 1g is approximately 9.8m/s2.  The acceleration is  measured in both the x and y axis (side to side and backwards and forwards) and added together to make the plot.]

How do find out more about the Christchurch earthquakes?

The app has a set of links that will take you to a number of sites that will give you more information and up to date information about the earthquakes.