Pets Vs Aliens FAQs

If you have a question, hopefully you will find the answer in our FAQs.  If not you can always send us an email.

What is new in version 1.1?

Following your feedback, version 1.1 has several improvements, including:

  1. -The trampoline controls are now much smoother and react to finer movements

  2. -A new animal can be released early by tapping either of the control pads

  3. -The day and night graphics have been improved

  4. -General game play timing has been adjusted

  5. -The ability to ‘blow’ your animals back on course once they have been bounced (simply tilt your device and watch the flag flutter move in the breeze)

  6. -The app now supports iOS4.2 devices

What is the aim?

Use the trampoline to save the animals as they fall from the UFO. You can tilt, slide and stretch the trampoline to bounce them into the right yard and get them safely back home.

Why do I need to select to play as a dog or a cat?

Which is your favourite, cats or dogs?  Choose one to play as and you will see that the game changes depending on your decision.  Scores posted to GameCenter will go onto either the Top Cat or Top Dog Leaderboard.

Why do I need more house points to get a dog life than a cat life?

As we all know, cats have 9 lives and a year is the equivalent of 14 dog years.  If you play as a cat, you need 9 house points to get another life but as a dog you need 14.  Unfair?  Well, get a new cat life and score 500 points but get a new dog life and score 1500 points.

Do I need to log in to GameCenter?

No.  When prompted to log in you can cancel.  Cancel 3 times and you will not be asked again.  By creating an account and logging in you will be able to see the scores from other players around the world and post your own personal bests.

Can I pause the game?

If you let go of the trampoline controls, no more animals will come out of the UFO.  Alternatively press the menu button in the middle of the trampoline legs.

Are there levels?

The game takes you through a few of the different game play elements to get you started and then moves on to really stir things up.

Why did the house explode?

Hit a house with the wrong animal and you will demolish it.  Be careful!

Where did my animal go?

Tighten the trampoline too much and the animal will bounce clean out of the neighbourhood.  Loosen it too much and the animal will not make the yard.  Too much tilt and it may bounce to the left or right of the yard and be lost.  Of course, you can use these techniques to get rid of those pesky aliens!

Did I see a different animal?

Are you sure?  Well, if you insist that you did, check out CrossedWires, maybe some one helped a penguin escape.

I used to get hints but then they disappeared?

The hints will help you play the game but once you have seen them there is no need to see them again if you replay.  You can turn them off using the options screen.