EpicElves FAQs

If you have a question, hopefully you will find the answer in our FAQs.  If not you can always send us an email.

What is the aim?

You have to tell each of the elves where to go in order for them to deliver the presents that Santa has dropped.  Sometimes its straight forward.  Sometimes the friends have to work together to get the job done.  Watch out!  You have to deliver the presents before the time runs out!

Earn stars for each present completed and pick up coins to buy things to help the friends.  Can you earn the most, collect the most stars or complete the most levels?

How do I make Eric the Elf move?

Simply touch him when he appears and then draw a path over the grey tile.  Footprints will appear to let you know where he will go.  When you let go, Eric will start following the path you have drawn.  You can make as many of the friends move at the same time as you like.

What do I do if I want to see more of EpicLand?

If you touch a green bush and move your finger around you will see more of EpicLand appear

How can I remember where all the presents go when I start playing?

The good news is that you don’t have to remember all the presents.  Once you have clicked the clock the town appears.  At the bottom of the screen is an info panel which can be swiped left and right to switch between character profiles, jobs and items in the elves bag.  Simply touch one of the elves and hey presto, their information will appear.

How do I know how much time I have?

Pay careful attention to the clock when you select a level to play.  You will see that it ticks backwards.  When you start playing it ticks forward again and you must complete the errands before it gets back to its start time.  Be careful, the time in Epic land ticks faster than it does here on Earth (hint: if you buy and use an alarm clock you gain 10 minutes!).

Why do big stars and small stars appear when I complete a level?

You earn big stars when you deliver a present and these add 10 to your star score.  In addition you earn small bonus stars (worth 1) for completing all errands and even more if you complete them in time.  The faster you complete them the more bonus stars you get.

How do I use items I pick up?

When you walk over an item you pick it up and pop it in your bag (if you have room).  You can see what is in your bag by swiping the lower info panel.  Form that view, if you swipe or flick the item upwards you will see it leap to the top of the screen ready to use at the right time.  Some items are used straight away and simply disappear.  Others need you to run over something such as a post box to use the item.

If I have swiped an item, how do I put it back in the bag?

You can double tap an item, either in the bag or at the top of the screen, to drop it.  You can then pick it back up.

How can a bike fit in my bag?

In EpicLand the bike engineers have worked out how to fold a bike 25 times so it will fit in a bag!

Do I need to log in to Game Center?

No.  When prompted to log in you can cancel.  Cancel 3 times and you will not be asked again.  By creating an account and logging in you will be able to see the scores from other players around the world and post your own personal bests.

Can I pause the game?

There is a menu button in the top right of the screen.  Tap that and the game will be paused.  Press resume to continue playing or menu to select a different level.

A hint appeared and then disappeared - how do I get it back?

Each level and some errands will provides hints for you.  If you need a hint at other times, simply click the clock and the next hint will appear.  Click it again and it will disappear.