CrossedWires FAQs

If you have a question, hopefully you will find the answer in our FAQs.  If not you can always send us an email.

What is the aim?

Remove all the wires to set Em free.  You will see that the cage goes up a little for each bit of wire you remove.  Remove the wire by touching it or wiping your finger across it.  Watch out as there is a trip wire connecting the red terminals.  Cut that one and the gate clangs shut and Em is trapped!

Why do the wires keep reappearing?

The red and green maintenance robots will follow the path of the wire and fix the bits that you have removed.  Stop them by squishing them or put a terminal block in their way.

The trip wire seems to get cut and I am no where near it?

Beware the red maintenance robots.  They are rogue and if they touch the trip wire they will cut it for you!  Think carefully about the order in which you remove the wire segments.

How do I progress to the next level?

To get to the next level you must collect all the light bulbs.  Touch them when they light up but be quick as they soon blow (they are not compact fluros and have a short life!)

Why when I cut both ends of the bare wire but still get a shock?

This one even catches us out at RoboCrank.  You may have cut both ends of the wire but those pesky maintenance robots come and fix up the wire when you are not looking.  You have to be quick!  Be careful if you follow a robot too as it may lay down a bare wire.

Can the maintenance robots go anywhere?

No.  The maintenance robots will only follow the original path of the wire.

What does a terminal block do?

Terminal blocks are terminal for maintenance robots.  Put them anywhere and a robot that hits the block will vanish without a trace.

What happens when I get to the end of the last level?

Drop us a line at RoboCrank and tell us, either by email or twitter.  Why?  Because we have never managed it!