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Agent Willy Wetizpantz

News just in: A swarm of Mould Monsters have arrived in their spaceships with plans to take over the world. We need a Super Hero to send them packing, back to their home planet.

Help Agent Willy Wetizpantz overcome his unfortunate name and show the world that he can become a Super Hero.

Travel the world with AWW and send the Mould Monsters back home by using their transporters - and do a bit of sight seeing on the way.

Select a plane for AWW to use to shoot down the alien spaceships and catch the Mould Monsters as they eject. Collect their Spin Disks and any Mould Monster Gadgets they have with them.

Complete missions to earn AWW a promotion and collect Bravery Badges to unlock and select the Gadgets the Mould Monsters have with them.

Help AWW become a Super Hero.



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