Agent Willy Wetizpantz FAQs

If you have a question, hopefully you will find the answer in our FAQs.  If not you can always send us an email.

What is the aim?

Mould Monsters are taking over the world.  They are buzzing through the skies in their spaceships scaring everyone.  Agent Willy Wetizpantz, in an attempt to become a Super Hero, is out to send them back home.  When he shoots them down, they drop on their parachutes down to the ground and run off towards the transporters that will warp them back home.

You can decide to complete the missions and score a promotion for AWW and achievement points for yourself.  if you prefer, there are a set of records you can break and secure a place on the leaderboards.

How do I make AWW move?

Once AWW falls from the exploding spaceship and lands in a spare aircraft you can move your finger up and down anywhere on the screen to  steer the plane.

If you tap the screen, AWW will shoot spin disks towards your finger, if he has any left.  You gain spin disks when you catch Mould Monsters falling from their spaceships.

Swiping your finger forwards will eject AWW from his plane.  He will then land and start running.  Swiping your finger up will make him jump.  When he runs past an empty plane he will automatically jump in and start flying.

Once you catch the Mould Monsters in the plane, you can eject them out the back by swiping your finger left across the screen.

How do I get back to the main menu?

Touch the orange spaceship in the top left of the screen

Can I choose different planes?

From the main menu screen touch the door to the hanger.  From here you can swipe through the different planes.  The first three are complimentary.  By selecting different planes you can make it easier to get through the missions.

How do the Mould Monster Gadgets work?

When you catch a Mould Monster, they may be holding a case.  In that case there is a Mould Monster Gadget which you collect.  It get displayed either on the left of the screen or on the bottom.

Those on the left get used automatically whilst those on the bottom need you to activate them by touching them.