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We all love our iPhones, iPads and iPods and what makes them better is the Apps we put on them.

RoboCrank is dedicated to the creation of Apps for you, for fun and for making life a little easier.

Our latest and most successful game is
Agent Willy Wetizpantz.  A super hero in the making with your help.

Try EpicErrands and help a group of friends to complete their errands.  Earn stars, find coins and become the best there is.

Why not check out QuakeShake.  It’s a little App with a big purpose.  Check out the history of quakes that have shaken the city and make a donation to the Red Cross Earthquake appeal. 

Our biggest selling App is CrossedWires with people round the world cranking open the gate to set Em the penguin free.  It’s fun and addictive so take a look.

Later in December look out for our next exciting app.  More details soon, so follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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